Jayson West and Victor West – WEST!

Married in real life, we asked Jayson West and Victor West some probing questions. Things like, what first got you into porn? Why do you do porn? What is your favorite part of each other’s bodies? What turns you on sexually? And despite this being Jayson’s first time, neither one was shy about answering. The two hairy, bearded men start making out and kissing, which is Jayson’s favorite thing to do. And Victor, who likes his nipples played with, gets his tweaked, which gets him into the mood instantly. Jayson and Victor strip down to reveal muscular, furry bodies. Victor swallows Jayson’s cock before offering up his meaty ass to Jayson, who rims and tongue fucks his ultra hairy husband. Jayson is soon inside Victor, taking his man raw until he blasts a huge load. Watching these two fuck bareback is like watching big, bruiser gladiators going at it. All that’s missing is the sweat and oil!

Celebrity Bear – Jay R. Ferguson


What makes a man a bear? Is it his size? The beard? The way he dresses? An ultra hairy body?  The sound of his voice? To all these questions the answer is yes. But sometimes, it’s about the attitude, and the way certain men come across. And even within these categories, there is still a wide range of what makes a man a bear. In porn, it’s obvious. It’s all out in the open. In the world of entertainment, however, it’s not always so cut and dry. That’s where our fantasies come in. We picture certain actors naked. We imagine them a certain way. We fantasize about them having sex or maybe we get off imagining they’re having sex with us. One of these actors is the sexy DILF, Jay R. Ferguson.


Now, some might not consider Ferguson to be a bear, based on the typical bear categories. Still, Ferguson comes across as a bear, growly and grumbly and warm and sweaty. Even when he plays a clean-cut character, like the cop dad in The Real O’Neals, Ferguson was still all bear. In his most recent role as Ben, in the Roseanne spin-off, The Conners, Ferguson is the classic bear. With his long, curly hair and thick beard, it’s easy to imagine what he would feel like as you kiss, his hot breath on your skin, his fur on your face, your neck, your chest, your ass, the inside of your thighs.


Although Ferguson isn’t ultra hairy, at least he wasn’t when he played Stan Rizzo in Mad Men, we like to think maybe he had to do a lot of manscaping before doing a nude scene for the show. If nothing else, he’s got the broad shoulders, beefy body, and gruff-but-gentle attitude associated with some bears we know and love.


What do you think? Let us know if you fantasize about having this Daddy Bear on top of, or beneath you. After all, some of us prefer to fuck a bear daddy instead of getting fucked by one. Even if Ferguson isn’t naturally über hairy, we’ll still make allowances because he’s sexy as fuck, meaty where it counts, and his crinkly smile makes the blood flow to all the right places!

Turkish Oil Wrestling – The Art of Male Bonding

Say to yourself the following three words… Turkish oil wrestling. Now, close your eyes and think the words again. If the images you conjure comprise hot, beefy, swarthy men grappling each other while completely slathered with oil, you wouldn’t be far off. Just as baseball is a national pastime to Americans, Turkish oil wrestling is Turkey’s national sport. Annual, three-day tournaments are held in both Turkey and Greece. The sport has become popular in other countries as well and it’s easy to see why. Especially if you like the look of a rough and tough man digging his hands down your pants! But before we head off to drool over a few pictures, a bit of history.

The art of Turkish oil wrestling is traced back to ancient Babylon and may have been the inspiration of the Greco-Roman we know today. According to Wikipedia, the wrestlers covered themselves between the navel and the knees after the 10th century, but you can’t believe everything you read on the internet, right? Still, can you imagine? What did they do beforehand? Wrestle naked? You wouldn’t be able to grab anything except… well, you get the idea. What we DO know is that the specially made leather garb eventually became part of the sport, which is just as well since it allows the imagination to roam. And who knows? Perhaps more than a few wrestlers got hard being manhandled in such a fashion while lubed up from head to toe with olive oil. Yes, you read that right. Olive oil. And loads of it.

Originally meant as a sign of mutual respect and balance, wrestlers oiled each other up with a mixture of olive oil and water. If a younger man defeats an older one, again, as a sign of respect to his elder, the winner kisses the hand of the defeated. But what if an older wrestler defeated a younger? Oh, Daddy! We’ll leave you to your own imagination.

The tournament begins with the master of ceremonies introducing the fighters, announcing their respective divisions, much like those in boxing. The wrestlers, holding hands with their opponent, then wander onto the field and the symbolic journey begins. A sport of ritual, dozens of men begin the match, wandering everywhere, while referees run about, trying to keep up. The first wrestler to gain advantage is the victor. And they embrace. Can you imagine a hairy, oiled-up and sweaty bruiser rubbing up against you like that? It boggles the mind and probably makes you pre-cum. Or does it make your butt hole pucker with anticipation?

If you’re not already hard, or at the least, drooling, let us tell you how a wrestler can win and you just might be ready to blow by the time we’re done. There are several ways to beat your opponent but we’ll only focus on the more homoerotic of the bunch.

First, remember that they hold these matches in the summer, under a hot and blazing sun. The men are sweaty and difficult to hold so you must grab at them any way you can, just as long as you don’t grab each other’s balls or shove an oily finger up the opponent’s ass. Damn. There goes one fantasy.

Because these men are all basically one giant ball of moving grease and sexiness, grappling at each other under the heat of the sun, one of them is bound to submit. If that wrestler signals submission, the other wrestler wins. A submissive wrestler. Hmmm.

Digging your hands into a wrestler’s leather pants is allowed. Therefore, you can use your opponent’s pants against him. Holding on tight to the waistband, for example, can cause the opponent to rise, thus exposing himself. Which of course, means he‘s considered the loser. Oh, heart be still!

This next method of winning is perhaps one of our favorites. The wrestler who maneuvers his opponent onto his belly and pins him down by sprawling on top of him, trapping him in a choke hold, is the winner. Well, fuck. How many of us haven’t been in that position before? Bet you never knew it was a wrestling move, did you? And can you imagine the bruiser above pinning you down?

You’re probably ready to run to the men’s room hiding your boner to whip out a quick one. Or perhaps you’ve given up on this post and you’re already fantasizing and stroking your meat with some olive oil… sorry, lube. Just remember this… homoeroticism aside, the unusual art of Turkish oil wrestling is perhaps one of the most amazing shows of virility and masculinity. The sport is dedicated to male bonding and camaraderie. And goodness know, we all love bonding with our males. Still, you might never look at olive oil the same way again!

Atlas Grant and Dax Librastic – I’ve Been Waiting


When Dax Librastic comes home after work he finds Atlas Grant waiting for him…in bed, of course! Who wouldn’t be horny at the site of the bearded, furry, tattooed muscle bear? The two immediately embrace and start making out but quickly move on to the pleasure of sucking cock. Dax gets a mouthful as he and Atlas get into a 69, which leads to Atlas eating out Dax’s hole. After rimming and fingering Dax, Atlas lubes up, positions himself, and slides his raw, uncut cock home. He fucks Dax bareback, pounding away doggy-style and pushing Dax into ecstasy as he moans and grunts. Sometimes, Dax even fucks himself! Which is perhaps one of the hottest things in the world, to watch a man so in need of cock, aching to be penetrated that he moves at his own rhythm and speed. Atlas eventually flips Dax onto his back, raises his legs and slides back in, this time going deeper. But it’s not until Atlas re-positions Dax so he’s half off the bed, ass raised for a proper fuck, that Dax’s eyes practically roll back into his head. Watch for the look on his face when Atlas fills him once more! The sex pigs are a sight to behold and you can just imagine how good Dax’s hole must feel clamping down on Atlas’s cock, milking his shaft until he’s about ready to cum. And speaking of cum…Atlas shoots a load that’s absolutely mouthwatering. It’s so good Dax dives for a taste before finishing himself off — with Atlas clamped down on his nipple — delivering an incredible money shot!

X Marks The Spot – Parker Logan & Alex Hawk – Hairyandraw.com

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Everyone has at least one erogenous zone, a spot that drives you crazy, making you escape into your mind, thus allowing you to enjoy the full, sensual pleasure of sex. Of course, some people do have more than one area, like Alex Hawk.

It doesn’t matter where you touch him as he’s all about the pleasure! Paired here with tall, hung stud Parker Logan, Alex allows the bearded hunk to play him like an instrument.

Smaller-framed Alex sucks that big cock but once Parker taps his hole, Alex practically convulses. That’s how you know you’re in the right spot. And what a spot it is! Parker digs deep, bareback fucking Alex and using that sweet fuck hole for his own pleasure

He alternates between working his shaft inside Alex, stretching him open, and rimming his ass to add more spit as lube. And once he’s in, Parker does what Parker does best.

He takes charge, riding Alex until he blows his load. Parker fucks his DNA right into the hungry man whore, marking him, much the way X marks the spot on a treasure map. Then, when Alex spews, Parker eats his cum and shares the flavor with Alex in a sloppy kiss.

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Finer Moments – Alezgi Cage and Taylor St Moore – Bear Films

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Sometimes, it’s the finer things in life that add meaning to our world. No, we don’t mean a life of luxury but a life filled with finer moments. Moments filled with things like touch.

Intimacy. Kissing. Budding romance. Love. Bearded Alezgi Cage and Taylor St Moore are every bear couple that has ever had sex for the first time, after a couple of dates. Sweet and tender, it’s almost like each is afraid to wake up because they might find it was all a dream.

But we assure you, as we assured them, this was NO dream! It was perfectly and deliciously real, from Taylor sucking Alezgi’s fat cock, to Alezgi rimming Taylor’s meaty ass, followed by Alezgi tenderly bareback fucking the gentle ginger.

Alezgi gradually picks up speed and fucks harder, making Taylor blow an enormous load, before adding his own cub seed to the mix. A finer moment, indeed!

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Joel Somoene & Drake Michaels – Barebackthathole

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very good kiss deserves another. So does every lick and big dick cock sucking! And that’s exactly what you get with Joel Someone and Drake Michaels. The horny, hung, scruffy men are hot to trot as they make out and suck each other to full erection. Both are also eager to satisfy but it’s Joel who takes charge and works Drake’s hole, stretching him open using two fingers, alternating with a good spit lube priming and tongue lashing. Lapping it up, Joel eats that sweet hole before turning the noisy rim job into a balls deep fuck. Hairy Joel takes and uses Drake like a whore, barebacking his hole until Joel spews. It’s an enormous load of thick white stuff that lands all over Drake, in a heavy cum facial. Then Drake grabs hold of his own cock and finishes himself off, whipping out a copious amount of creamy, gooey goodness.

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Lion Reed and Luis Vega – Bear Films

Lion Reed and Luis Vega have extremely busy schedules these days. They trouble is they’re always horny and don’t always want just jerk off. Yes, getting off with a good solo session is good but it’s such a waste of cum. So what can two horny bears do to ensure they don’t get a bad case of blue balls? They build sex days into their lives. It’s like date night, only without all the lovey-dovey pretense because sometimes, they need to cut to the chase. And today’s the day! Hungry and eager for that fat dick, Luis goes down on Lion like he hasn’t eaten in weeks. Lion grabs hold of the back of Luis’s head and fucks his face but Lion wants more. Luis gives up his ass for Lion to eat and the beefy hunk slathers the hairy hole with spit before mounting Luis and sliding in raw. Luis takes a good pounding then proceeds to show us how much he enjoys the throbbing shaft by bucking his hips up to meet Lion’s downward thrusts. After a bit of ass-to-mouth to slick up that cock some more, the balls deep bareback fuck continues. Each of them takes what they want…Lion taking hole, Luis taking cock…until each of them spews with hefty loads.

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