Atlas Grant and Marco Napoli – Mattress Cardio

Atlas Grant is one of our favorite bears. It doesn’t matter who he’s having sex with, as long we get to see his meaty ass getting stuffed full of cock, or watching that mouth-watering, uncut tool pounding someone else raw.

Marco Napoli is ready for his run, but Atlas Grant is adamant about what he just read on the internet. It says sex is better cardio than running. Of course, you can’t believe everything you read online, so they put the statement to the test. And if Marco doesn’t feel it’s enough of a workout, he can always go to the gym after. Marco agrees. Atlas drops to his knees, sucking Marco’s big cock and lapping at those big balls. Settle in for a juicy, mouthwatering session because these two are big-time into oral! Marco returns the favor, servicing Atlas’s uncut tool, eventually flipping Atlas onto his belly. Marco buries his bearded face into that delectable, hairy ass, worthy of a good spanking. But we digress. There’s no spanking here. Well, maybe just the occasional love pat on those luscious globes. Marco gives Atlas a good spit-lubing, aims, and slides home. You can even hear as Marco pops past Atlas’s ring with that cock-rousing sound, enough to make almost any man hard in an instant…splurt! Marco bareback fucks Atlas like there’s no tomorrow. Kinky, sweaty, and full of passion, the two change it up, with Atlas riding Marco before getting into a hot 69. Can you imagine the flavors of ass juice, spit and sweat on the cock that’s just fucked you? Yeah. We thought you might. And as if that weren’t enough, hairy muscle bear Atlas gets Marco on all fours and rims his hungry ass. After all, turn about’s fair play, right? Fingering his hole while milking his cock, Atlas gets Marco ready for his uncut tool. He mounts the man-whore, and they rut like pigs before ending up on the floor. Marco spews his seed and fucks it into Atlas. Which makes Atlas blow a ropy load of his own. But stay tuned! Marco’s got even more spooge for Atlas… and you!

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