Lion Reed and John Thomas – Wet Bears

This scene may have appeared a few months ago, but whenever we come across a hot, beefy man, it’s always worth going back and taking a second look. Especially when it’s two hung men like Lion Reed and John Thomas!

On a hot summer day, Lion Reed and John Thomas cool down in the pool with real-life couple Dean Gauge and Luis Vega. But you know how it is. Once you hit the water, you have to splash around and have a bit of fun! The bearded group decides to have a relay race to see which couple is fastest. Lion and John win, then head to the living room to dry off. There, the two wet bears take turns swinging on each other’s big meat, sucking cock like hungry cubs. Lion, no longer able to wait for that most prized of morsels — pink fuckhole — primes John with a good rim job, spit-lubing and getting him ready for a bareback fuck that gets them wet, yet again, and ready for some much-needed release!

Atlas Grant and Victor West – The Real Thing

While reading a hot and erotic tale on his tablet, bearded, tattooed muscle hunk Atlas Grant is lost in a world of fantasy. Then, bald strongman, Victor West comes along and sits beside him. The hairy daddy starts groping Atlas, who is sexy as fuck in his leather harness. Atlas remains engrossed in his story but no matter how good it is there’s nothing like the real thing. Victor devours Atlas’s uncut tool, getting his face fucked in the process. Soon, hungry for ass, Atlas drops to his knees, where he proceeds to rim Victor’s big, hungry ass. Atlas gets piggy, spitting on that hairy manhole as he eats it out, then slobbering all over Victor’s cock before sliding his raw cock in his Big Daddy and pounding away, bareback fucking the burly hunk until they each let loose with some big loads, spewing seed all over themselves.

Tom Carlton and Nick Hole – Daddy Bear & Cub

The relationship between a Daddy Bear and his Cub is a special one. It’s a relationship built on faith, trust, and lust. Daddy Bear takes care of his Cub and teaches him how to pleasure a man, taking orders as he services cock and hole. But sometimes, a Cub already knows what Daddy Bear is teaching him. He just likes to be a whore for Daddy. Like Nick Hole. He has Tom Carlton wrapped around his little finger, as it were. More accurately, Nick has his daddy whipped. But with a name like Hole, what would you expect?

It starts with a kiss. Always. Kissing opens Daddy Bear’s taste buds. It gets the blood flowing to his cock. Kissing also sets a Cub’s hole puckering. If he’s like the rare individuals I’ve rimmed, Cub gets wet, as if he were a woman and had a pussy. Only he’s all male, with cock and balls. He just happens to create a natural lubricant because his body knows what it was built for. His body knows what’s coming next. Cub knows he’s a whore and only lives for raw cock up his ass, stretching him out and filling him. But there’s nothing wrong with a bit of foreplay. It only serves to get both, Daddy Bear and Cub even more hot and bothered.

Sometimes, it doesn’t take much. Just the scent of Daddy Bear is enough to drive Cub mad with desire. But what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, isn’t it? Or should we say, what’s good for the Cub is good for the Daddy Bear? Regardless, Cub’s desire is further fueled by Daddy Bear’s scent, especially when he rubs his face in Daddy Bear’s armpit. Not unlike a dog rubbing himself all over his Master’s clothes, when you’re doing laundry. It’s an act of submission that makes a Cub feel closer to his Daddy Bear. One look in Nick’s eyes and you know he’s happier than a pig in shit when Tom returns the favor and buries his face in his Cub’s pit and licks

When Nick rubs his face in Daddy Bear’s meaty ass, it’s a lot like sniffing and licking his armpits. He’s saying, this Daddy is mine. I’m his Cub. And I would do anything to please this man. And much like dogs greet each other, the favor is always returned. Now, why can’t we be more like dogs? Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we greeted each other by thrusting our faces in each other’s asses? Okay, okay. Maybe just greet each other with a good tongue fuck, instead. How’s that? Yeah. We thought you’d like that. Goodness knows, Nick does. Because he knows what comes next. And he knows what his reward will be.

Rex Blue and Kurt Jacobs – Playing With Daddy

It’s been said the latest generation is all about the hand-held tech toys, like video games. Rex Blue is no different. Tattooed, bear daddy Kurt Jacobs has a different game in mind as he has a toy that, although not high tech, it’s definitely hand held! It takes little for Kurt to persuade Rex into playing the more interactive game of swapping spit, chewing nipples, and sucking cock. Daddy Kurt has a fat one for Rex to slobber over and for those of you who have a thing for nipple chewing, Rex really milks Kurt’s. Bearded daddy Kurt soon returns the oral favor, taking Rex down to the balls as he sucks and gags, getting his face fucked. Rex then gives daddy Kurt a lip-smacking, tongue wagging, mouth watering rim job that’s sure to make you drool. And just like Rex’s video game, where sometimes you must hide in a hole, the beefy fucker slides his raw cock deep inside Kurt. Rex bareback fucks the silver bear but Kurt eventually ends up riding pierced Rex, fucking himself before Rex lets loose with a big load, followed by Kurt, who pumps out some a good amount of fresh daddy jizz.

Parker Logan and Atlas Grant – On Demand

One of the more useful technological inventions is the pause button the television remote control. It allows you to stop what you’re watching, long enough to go get a snack. Or pee. Or, if you’re like Parker Logan and Atlas Grant, hitting that pause button allows you to get busy! The furry beasts make out with plenty of noisy, wet kissing. By the time Atlas gets to Parker’s cock, he’s already drooling loads of pre-cum. Atlas laps it all up and sucks on the big cock. Parker enjoys the hot mouth but grows impatient and aims for Atlas’s meaty ass. After burying his face in the plump, hairy globes, Parker rims that furry morsel, lapping at it like its prime beef. When he’s good and ready, Parker works that big cock inside Atlas, making him moan and cry out with pleasure. Parker pumps Atlas full of cock, fucking the cum out of him then blasting a huge load all over Parker’s face for a creamy finish. And now, you may un-pause and go back to your regularly programmed, on-demand schedule.

Jayson West and Victor West – WEST!

Married in real life, we asked Jayson West and Victor West some probing questions. Things like, what first got you into porn? Why do you do porn? What is your favorite part of each other’s bodies? What turns you on sexually? And despite this being Jayson’s first time, neither one was shy about answering. The two hairy, bearded men start making out and kissing, which is Jayson’s favorite thing to do. And Victor, who likes his nipples played with, gets his tweaked, which gets him into the mood instantly. Jayson and Victor strip down to reveal muscular, furry bodies. Victor swallows Jayson’s cock before offering up his meaty ass to Jayson, who rims and tongue fucks his ultra hairy husband. Jayson is soon inside Victor, taking his man raw until he blasts a huge load. Watching these two fuck bareback is like watching big, bruiser gladiators going at it. All that’s missing is the sweat and oil!

Celebrity Bear – Jay R. Ferguson

What makes a man a bear? Is it his size? The beard? The way he dresses? An ultra hairy body?  The sound of his voice? To all these questions the answer is yes. But sometimes, it’s about the attitude, and the way certain men come across. And even within these categories, there is still a wide range of what makes a man a bear. In porn, it’s obvious. It’s all out in the open. In the world of entertainment, however, it’s not always so cut and dry. That’s where our fantasies come in. We picture certain actors naked. We imagine them a certain way. We fantasize about them having sex or maybe we get off imagining they’re having sex with us. One of these actors is the sexy DILF, Jay R. Ferguson.

Now, some might not consider Ferguson to be a bear, based on the typical bear categories. Still, Ferguson comes across as a bear, growly and grumbly and warm and sweaty. Even when he plays a clean-cut character, like the cop dad in The Real O’Neals, Ferguson was still all bear. In his most recent role as Ben, in the Roseanne spin-off, The Conners, Ferguson is the classic bear. With his long, curly hair and thick beard, it’s easy to imagine what he would feel like as you kiss, his hot breath on your skin, his fur on your face, your neck, your chest, your ass, the inside of your thighs.

Although Ferguson isn’t ultra hairy, at least he wasn’t when he played Stan Rizzo in Mad Men, we like to think maybe he had to do a lot of manscaping before doing a nude scene for the show. If nothing else, he’s got the broad shoulders, beefy body, and gruff-but-gentle attitude associated with some bears we know and love.

What do you think? Let us know if you fantasize about having this Daddy Bear on top of, or beneath you. After all, some of us prefer to fuck a bear daddy instead of getting fucked by one. Even if Ferguson isn’t naturally über hairy, we’ll still make allowances because he’s sexy as fuck, meaty where it counts, and his crinkly smile makes the blood flow to all the right places!

Atlas Grant and Dax Librastic – I’ve Been Waiting

When Dax Librastic comes home after work he finds Atlas Grant waiting for him…in bed, of course! Who wouldn’t be horny at the site of the bearded, furry, tattooed muscle bear? The two immediately embrace and start making out but quickly move on to the pleasure of sucking cock. Dax gets a mouthful as he and Atlas get into a 69, which leads to Atlas eating out Dax’s hole. After rimming and fingering Dax, Atlas lubes up, positions himself, and slides his raw, uncut cock home. He fucks Dax bareback, pounding away doggy-style and pushing Dax into ecstasy as he moans and grunts. Sometimes, Dax even fucks himself! Which is perhaps one of the hottest things in the world, to watch a man so in need of cock, aching to be penetrated that he moves at his own rhythm and speed. Atlas eventually flips Dax onto his back, raises his legs and slides back in, this time going deeper. But it’s not until Atlas re-positions Dax so he’s half off the bed, ass raised for a proper fuck, that Dax’s eyes practically roll back into his head. Watch for the look on his face when Atlas fills him once more! The sex pigs are a sight to behold and you can just imagine how good Dax’s hole must feel clamping down on Atlas’s cock, milking his shaft until he’s about ready to cum. And speaking of cum…Atlas shoots a load that’s absolutely mouthwatering. It’s so good Dax dives for a taste before finishing himself off — with Atlas clamped down on his nipple — delivering an incredible money shot!