Dax Librastic and Taylor St Moore – Follow This

Many a hot man has graced the pages of Bear Films, but none give such good face as Dax Librastic and Taylor St Moore. These two furry, bearded creatures throw themselves into fucking bareback with wild abandon and trust us when we say that they will have you wanting to unload on their face, or on their ass, or cumming inside their holes!


Enjoying his morning cup of joe out on the patio, Dax Librastic is horny. He begins to grope himself, and while doing so, newfound love interest, Taylor St Moore soon appears. With a come hither look, Taylor leans over the railing, showing off the curve of his meaty ass. He then goes back inside, and although he doesn’t speak, you can almost hear the silent, “Follow this, baby.” Who can resist? We wouldn’t be able to. And Dax sure as hell can’t! Pussy whipped, he follows Taylor inside, and the two immediately start making out. But this is no ordinary make out session. This is some passionate smooching! The kind that takes your breath away. It sure did ours! Dax bosses Taylor around, spanking his ass, rimming his hole, then fucking him bareback. He takes his time, and when he comes, Dax splatters his load all over Taylor’s ass, then kisses the beefy cub. Ahhh…l’amour, l’amour!

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