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Whether you’re into bearded ginger men or just bearded men who are as hairy as a wooly mammoth, you’re going to spew when you see Russell Tyler and tattooed, dark-haired muscle bear Atlas Grant. These are two extremely hairy f#ckers! Atlas is quick to drop to his knees, anxious to slobber and drool all over Russell’s big dick, choking and gagging as Russell f#cks his face. The tall redhead, with almost as much hair on his body as Atlas, then turns rimming into an art form. Or perhaps he’s simply mesmerized by all that hair covering every inch of Atlas’s body. Russell soon finds himself in the same position, on all fours. But it’s Atlas who gets his hairy ass mounted and pounded raw by the barebacking ginger. And it’s quite a f#ck! Russell goes in nice and easy but once he’s in he takes ownership of hirsute Atlas, making him cry out in lustful pleasure-pain as he f#cks that meaty round ass. Atlas takes as much f#cking as he can before flipping Russell, spit-lubing his ass, and sliding home like a hot knife through butter. The two continue to flip f#ck and end up completely drenched in their own sweat, the hair on their bellies coated in cum.
Gay sex - Russell Tyler and Atlas Grant from BearFilms

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