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Tony Banks has wanted into Bear Steven’s pants from the moment he saw him. And when Tony saw Bear had parked his super butch bike in our studios, the bearded bear wanted the otter even more. Passionate and sensual, Tony and Bear start making out. Then, stripped of their shirts, Bear works Tony’s nipples while getting him hard. The commanding brown bear proceeds to play with Bear, teasing his hole with fat fingers and sucking on his nipples before sucking the bald white otter’s cock. After working each other up — the interracial couple continue with some hot rimming! Tony knows how to use that tongue as he works it into Bear’s pink hungry hole, making him moan and beg for cock! Tony gives Bear exactly what he wants — slowly picking up speed, Tony takes Bear and f#cks him like a pro.
Gay sex - Tony Banks and Bear Steven from BearFilms

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