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Hairy hottie Dustin Cross tops Shane Rook bareback in his second sexy scene. Starting in jeans and bare feet, the guys made out and tussled around the bed. Hands roamed and bulges swelled inside their denim barriers. Shane urged Dustin to remove his shirt and all that glorious fur came spilling out. Shane tossed his own shirt aside to reveal his very sexy ink and nipple piercings. He helped Dustin out of his jeans, instantly moving his mouth down to the furry fellow’s underwear. He nibbled on his throbbing package through the fabric. Then it was off with his own jeans, showing off the hot jockstrap beneath. Shane stretched out on his back while Dustin serviced his long cock below. Dustin slid a finger under Shane’s fuzzy balls, between his butt cheeks, into his ass. Shane’s cock was tall and immensely stiff. He sat up to kiss Dustin, then took the hairy man’s incredibly thick uncut cock down his throat. The foreskin pulled across the head of Dustin’s cock every time Shane pulled the shaft out of his mouth. So f#cking hot watching these two studs suck each other. Then Dustin teased Shane’s asshole with his finger…
Gay sex - Dustin Cross and Shane Rook from GuyBone

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