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Starting off in their bulging briefs, Dustin and Lance rubbed and tugged on each others growing cocks just beneath the fabric as they made out. Lance got fingers full of Dustin’s thick, dark chest hair and Dustin docked their dicks together, Lance’s shroom head tucked neatly inside Dustin’s loose foreskin. Lance got on his knees first, taking Dustin’s thick uncut rod balls deep in his mouth. Dustin moved them to the bed and knelt over top of Lance so he could suck on his dick for a bit. Next, Dustin rammed his rod into Lance’s welcoming ass. Lance’s sexy knees were above his head, opening his hole for Dustin to pound it. He rolled to his side and Dustin entered him on his knees. He rocked his hips back and forth, f#cking him hard, then he pulled out and fingered him and blew his cock. I love a top who is turned on by pleasing his bottom.
Gay sex - Dustin Cross and Lance Bennett from GuyBone

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