MONSTERCub Hunter Scott and Kirk Rock Beary Good Opportunity

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Kirk is a big sexy bear I had always wanted to pounce on. He hit me up out of no where and told me he was coming to town to vacation. He was out at the marina by his condo trying one last time to find some stranger. He happen to spot me cruising by on my way to their pool and I totally caught him eye f#cking me. So I approached him and this was the opportunity he needed to get his big boulder butt blasted. I came by his place later on and he snatched my big ass right through the front door. It wasn’t long until we were naked and he was slobbering all over my cock. He had one of the biggest, beefiest asses I’ve f#cked in a long time, and very sturdy for a nice hard f#ck. If you wanted to see big bears in heat, drop your drawers, and…
Gay sex - Hunter Scott and Kirk Rock from MONSTERCub

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