MONSTERCub Rusty McMann and Valentino Fuentes

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Rusty recently took a long road trip in what he calls, “F#cks Across America.” One of his stops led him to Miami, FL. He was relaxing with a good book after a long Saturday at the beach, and he got a knock at his door. Valentino Fuentes was going door to door looking for dick, but he called it “fiesta” or “party”. Rusty doesn’t understand a lot of Spanish, but once Valentino grabbed his cock, he knew what he was signing up for. Rusty locks the door and gets Valentino’s lips to work on his hot pink daddy dick. The fiesta kicks into high gear when Rusty gets Valentino up onto the bed and plunges his long cock deep up his culo. What a f#cking fiesta!
Gay sex - Rusty McMann and Valentino Fuentes from MONSTERCub

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