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This is a movie about trying to take Tony to the next level. Aaron is along for the ride to try to help Tony get there. Tony on the other hand comes from a strict Italian-American-Catholic background. Its all about what his “gumbas” around the neighborhood would think about all this. In this movie, sure they both get undressed and both get hard and both shoot great loads…but the fun part is watching Tony between the undressing and cumming part. He tries to get comfortable, he really does — but rather he has a “this does not compute” look on his face as Aaron get frisky with him. With all that said, Tony did hit milestones this time around. He let a guy lick him above the waist (Aaron sucks on Tony’s nipples and nibbles on his neck.). Also Tony let Aaron lay on top of him while both were naked, BUT Tony did hold Aaron’s hard cock for a bit – even played with it.
Gay sex - Tony and Aaron Explore from Newyorkstraightmen

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