Stockydudes Axel Brandt Pounds Some FieryBiscuts

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I paired FieryBiscuts with another cute chubby cub Axel Brandt. The guys start making out and no time passes before Axel turns on his dominant mode. FieryBiscuts gets to his knees to start servicing Axel but Axel commands him to wait a little first, he sniffs Axel’s jock and then gets to work. The guys both get on the bed and Axel straddles FieryBiscuts and pounds him some more then moves them to their sides where they f#ck so hard that Axel literally pulls the headboard off the wall! No joke. Axel lays back after everything settles down and strokes his big fat bear boner until he shoots a massive load that hits the (now broken) headboard and covers himself in cum. FieryBiscuts soon follows suit with his own equally large load that you will not wanna miss.
Gay sex - Axel Brandt Pounds FieryBiscuts from Stockydudes

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