Joel Someone and Alex Hawk – Joel’s Special Someone

Okay, okay. So maybe we like Joel Someone more than we thought. Can you blame us? One look in his eyes and you’ll feel a heat bubbling inside you. Watch him expose that hairy chest, and you’ll feel a bit short of breath. But when Joel reveals his cock, you’ll feel weak in the knees. And you just might find yourself like Alex Hawk. On your knees, with a throbbing hot shaft of man meat buried down your throat.


What starts off as a sweet and loving scene between Joel Someone and Alex Hawk, quickly devolves into lustful nastiness filled with tender moments. Chock full of kissing, sniffing, and licking, you’ll soon see why Alex is perhaps one of the biggest and underrated man whores we’ve ever filmed. The look in his eyes and the sound in his voice, when he sees just how well hung Joel is… it’s, well… priceless! From the moment scruffy Joel reveals that big cock, the two waste little time on sucking cock or rimming, though there is some. Instead, they get down to the nitty-gritty. The act itself. Big dick in a tight, hairy hole. You can practically smell the sweat as these two go at it. In fact, there are moments when we didn’t know which is more aggressive…Joel, the way he stuffs and pounds Alex’s hole? Or Alex, the way he fucks himself with Joel’s cock? We won’t spoil the rest of the fun for you but for an extra perverted thrill, watch the scene while wearing earbuds, so you can hear every moan, sigh, and grunt. And just wait until you see Joel’s load! You’ll be lapping at the screen as surely as Joel eats his own jizz from Alex’s freshly fucked and gaping hole.

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