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Alex Hawk is a man who knows what he wants. And when he sets his sights on something, he goes for it. And if it’s a particular cock he wants, you’d best be prepared to give it to him because he’ll get it come hell or high water. Bearded Aiden Storm, clad in his leather harness, soon found out exactly what Alex was about and what he wanted, the moment he followed Alex to a private cubicle overlooking a couple below who gave Alex a very naughty idea. Which is why when Aiden asked what Alex wanted, there was no need to guess any further. And after some mutual cocksucking, Alex got exactly what he wanted. Raw cock, bareback fucking his hole.

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Dino DeFrancesco isn’t happy. He’s had a terrible experience at his hotel and now, to make matters worse, he can’t watch the news program as he gets ready for the day because the remote in his room doesn’t work. The hung daddy calls for service and gets more than he bargained for when beefy cub Alezgi Cage shows up. Inviting the bearded hottie inside, Dino immediately hands over the remote only to find even Alezgi can’t take care of the remote problem. But what he CAN take care of his cock. And Dino’s hole. And that’s exactly what horny, daddy-loving Alezgi does. After sucking on Dino’s big fat papi tubesteak, he munches on Dino’s ass, priming him with spit before bareback fucking the older man’s eager hole. But the question remains, can Alezgi fix Dino’s remote, or not? And why can’t he?

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Feed The Pig – Brad Kalvo and Kosher Pig

When hunger strikes, it’s best to feed the pig before you get hangry because, trust us, people probably wouldn’t like you when you’re hangry. Take Kosher Pig for example. The bearded cub is jonesing for a little gnosh but there’s nothing to eat. He’s also not willing to get into his car and drive several miles to the nearest grocery store. And no matter how many times he looks in his fridge, food just isn’t going to materialize. The next best alternative would be to call in an order and have some big burly delivery dude bring you something to nibble on. But since that wasn’t an option in his area, there’s always Brad Kalvo, the hairy daddy every “boy” and sub wished he had and the daddy every daddy wished he could be. Brad shows Kosher that you CAN have fun in the kitchen, especially if you get creative. All you need is a blindfold, imagination, and you’re in for a treat. Remember, it’s all in the presentation, and the element of surprise. So, what are you waiting for? Hungry? Go ahead! Feed the pig.

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Coming to Hairy and Raw later this week a new film Eager


There comes a time in every man’s life when he must whore himself out. Not that he needs the money. It’s more that he needs the cock. Any cock. Any man. Any load. There’s a certain hunger within, scratching to get out. And sooner or later, it does. The hunger fuels the desperation to get fucked by the first man that comes along, no matter what he looks like, just as long as that hunger is sated. And so, in this very mood, Atlas Grant enters a sex club where he strips down in the locker room then takes his sweet time slipping on the items many of us wear when on the prowl…a leather harness, a jockstrap. The bearded muscle hunk then adds one key accessory to his ensemble — a blindfold — making his encounter that more anonymous. With that perfectly muscled, plump and hairy ass thrust out for any top to take, Atlas awaits. And along comes Brad Kalvo, a bearded, hairy, muscled beast of a man who feeds Atlas his cock, then rims that mouth watering hole. Then, growling like a demon possessed, he makes Atlas whimper and moan while bareback fucking the eager slut, who never once takes off his blindfold. Not even when Brad rewards him with a mouth and face full of hot cum.



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Bearded Dean Gauge is a voracious reader. He loves his books but especially enjoys a good erotic romance with a domineering older man. But sometimes, he likes a story where “boy” takes the reins and pulls rank on his daddy. After cleaning house, the horny cub settles in for a smoking hot chapter where the lead uses his man’s silk tie as a blindfold, which gives Dean an idea. As soon as Rusty McMann walks in, after a long day at work, Dean’s removes Rusty’s tie and puts into effect what he’s just read. Daddy loves the “game” but Dean likes it even more so. After slowly stripping Rusty and sucking his cock, Dean — wearing only a jockstrap — mounts Rusty’s pierced cock and fucks himself bareback, stretching open his own hole. But like all good subs, even when they get aggressive, sooner or later the domineering daddy takes charge. Rusty does just that, stuffing Dean full of cock until they’re both ready to pop. Perhaps Dean should join a book club? No telling what might happen between the two of them, then!

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A short sneak peek for this weeks update on HairyAndRaw

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Ben Fox might not be a virgin but when he came to us, it was his first time in a porn studio. Now, everyone has a fantasy of stripping down in front of a camera, sucking cock and getting fucked in front of a crew of guys but not everyone can do it. We sensed a true sub, a burgeoning whore, so we decided to put Ben to the test, leaving him “alone” with his thoughts and fantasies. The little whore gets verbal, losing himself in the things he wants to experience as he fucks himself with toys, stretching out his hole and eventually blowing a nice load. Who knows? Perhaps we’ll give this tasty little morsel a spin and set him up with some of the men who wants to have use him, putting him at the center of fantasies-cum-to-life!

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