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GIF Roundup Gallery.

BearFilms.com – Emmet Frostt and Dante Kirkdale


BarebackThatHole.com – Josh Stone and Damien Kilauea

HairyAndRaw.com – Leo Forte and Parker Logan

After a soul-suckingly stressful day at work, there’s nothing you want more than to get home and relax. Now, some will unwind with a hot bath or shower. Others with a good story or an escapist movie, all while sipping a glass of wine. And then there’s Emmett Frost. His boyfriend, Dante Kirkland, knows him like a book, so when he hears Emmett’s voice, Dante knows his husky brown lover needs to wind down. And Dante knows exactly what to do in order to make that happen. Once he’s done putting away the groceries, having spruced up their kitchen, he starts getting dirty the moment Emmett walks through the door, greeting him in his freshly washed jockstrap. It starts with a kiss and continues with a blowjob, allowing Emmett to focus on releasing the pressure. The build in intensity but true steam is vented in the bedroom, with steady pounding — at time rough, at times loving — taking out his filthy aggression on Dante, who takes every ounce of frustration built up inside Emmett. The perfect way to end a crappy day at work. Getting down and dirty. Negative energy dissolving into positive, obliterated by that one most beautiful moment of all. Orgasm.

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Sometimes, working together on a project with another person can turn you into their biggest fan, especially if you’ve been focused on an outcome for a long period of time. You develop a certain…closeness, you might say. And in that closeness you develop an appreciation you never expected. Something you never thought you’d find. It’s not just about being a fan, though. Nor is it about a growing appreciation for that person. It’s more about an intimacy that, once it develops — once you feel it inside you — drives you mad with desire until you come together like Josh Stone and Damien Kilauea. They’ve been intent on writing a hot story for us and, with each passing scene, the sexual tension between them kept building. The energy continued to surge until, finally, there was nothing they could do but let it out all out. With each other. In each other. ON each other. But this is what imagination can do. It arouses like no other mother fucker ever has, or ever will. After all, the brain IS the largest sexual organ in the body.

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Daily GIF Roundup

We are going to try something new over here at hairybearsxxx.com. As GIF get bigger and bigger, we thought it was about time we start doing some roundups for you. Please enjoy our first ever Porn GIF Roundup

New Scene Coming To Bear Films

New scene from Hairy And Raw

Upcoming scene for Bareback That Hole

New scene from Hairy And Raw

Recorded during the filming of an upcoming scene titled “The Wind Down”. They guys all got together during a quick break to snap a selfie with  Tyler Reeds glorious ass.


This scene will be available at the following link.

On their six month anniversary, Chip Young walks in on Mason Lear to find him taking a shower. But he’s not just taking a shower. Chip has long suspected Mason of dumping loads while cleaning up, and…well, it’s just SUCH a waste. But Chip understands. Sometimes you get so horny you need to knock one out. And since Chip enjoys watching Mason work that mouth watering shaft, he quietly makes his way to the bathroom and watches while Mason goes to town on himself. He starts to show off once he realizes Chip is home but quickly decides it’s best to have his newlywed hubby milk that load out of him with a bareback fun that leaves them both filthy clean!

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Mason Lear & Chip Young shower scene

Bareback that hole just released an all new raunchy scene featuring Mason Leere and Chip Young.

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Ben Fox might not be a virgin but when he came to us, it was his first time in a porn studio. Now, everyone has a fantasy of stripping down in front of a camera, sucking cock and getting fucked in front of a crew of guys but not everyone can do it. We sensed a true sub, a burgeoning whore, so we decided to put Ben to the test, leaving him “alone” with his thoughts and fantasies. The little whore gets verbal, losing himself in the things he wants to experience as he fucks himself with toys, stretching out his hole and eventually blowing a nice load. Who knows? Perhaps we’ll give this tasty little morsel a spin and set him up with some of the men who wants to have use him, putting him at the center of fantasies-cum-to-life!

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