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Coming soon to Bear Films. An all new scene featuring mega bear Lion Reed and chub cub Dean Guage. This is the story of how a game of strip poker can go perfectly.


Taken during the production of Bear Films scene Sharing Is Caring starring Atlas Grant, Marc Angelo and Dale savage.

Adam And Steve – iPad Background

Very sexy new iPad backgrounds being produced by our friends at www.barebackthathole.com. We have been told to expect a full erotic photo series soon.


Coming Soon To Be

Coming soon to Hairy and Raw. Marc Angelo and Sean Knight star in Order and Swine, a follow up to Order and Obey. This time Sean has Marc up on a table ready to be feasted on. It does not take long for him to devour his meal. Take advantage of May Madness while it lasts. 99.95/Year.


Bear Films – Gif Gallery and Promo

They say that when one door closes, another one opens. That may not always be true but it certainly was the case with Avi Strider, featured here with Adam James. The swarthy, bearded otter is out on the streets after coming home to find his boyfriend shacking up with a friend. The nerve! Avi, being a one-man man, is out, his entire life, as he puts it, in the backseat of Adam’s private cab. Adam, being the sensitive sort, but also a bit of a sexual opportunist, invites Avi to open up. Out comes his story, but also out comes his cock! To fall into Adam’s mouth then up his hairy ass, plugging his hairy hole bareback. And after watching the sex between them, we have a good feeling about these two hairy fuckers!

Bear Films May Madness Promo Now Live 99.95$/Year

Hairy And Raw – GIF Gallery Promo

In order for Alex Hawk to live the happy-go-lucky life he enjoys, he sometimes has to do a bit work. One of the many things he does is freelance for a law firm, serving papers to clients called to court. Hans Berlin is on Alex’s list. Except Hans is elusive, if not extremely difficult to reach. So Alex gets sneaky. He stalks the hung, uncut hunk and makes an appointment to get royally plowed in exchange for some monetary compensation. Hell, after all, sometimes you just get THAT horny. Besides, if Alex is going to serve papers, might as well get some cock out of it. Especially a big one like the one Hans swinging between his legs! Ever the dutiful escort, Hans gives Alex exactly what they agreed upon: one of a hell pounding, balls deep, complete with seeding. The two sex fiends fuck bareback and clearly, the sex is enjoyed by both. But when the time comes to ante up, Alex has a surprise for Hans. With cum still dribbling out of his hole, Alex slaps a document on Hans’s chest. The hunk’s been served!

Hairy And Raw May Madness Promo 99.95$/Year


GIF Roundup Gallery.

BearFilms.com – Emmet Frostt and Dante Kirkdale


BarebackThatHole.com – Josh Stone and Damien Kilauea

HairyAndRaw.com – Leo Forte and Parker Logan

Daily GIF Roundup

We are going to try something new over here at hairybearsxxx.com. As GIF get bigger and bigger, we thought it was about time we start doing some roundups for you. Please enjoy our first ever Porn GIF Roundup

New Scene Coming To Bear Films

New scene from Hairy And Raw

Upcoming scene for Bareback That Hole

New scene from Hairy And Raw

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