The retro scene dates back to 2012. Things have changed a lot since then.

Watch as Rafael Lambert, Tony Rivera, Mac Brody, Chris Michaels, Mack Brockway and Ryan Reynolds all take turns fucking power bottom Mike Catcher in this Orlando, Florida Gang-Bang. The room is filled with the smell of hot man musk and the floor is dripping with sweat and spunk. Backs to sweaty chests, dicks in asses and spunk drippin’ from holes makes these guys hot and you will be too in this HOT Orlando scene. These Tops know how to give it and Mike is there along for the ride.

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Rewind Wednesdays for BearFilms

A playful stroll on the beach leads to a sexy romp in the bedroom for a Daddy and his Boy. Stefan and Buzz are enjoying their time exploring at the beach but enjoy exploring each other’s bodies more. And it’s not long before they are doing just that. Buzz loves servicing Stefan’s daddy cock. But he also knows Daddy loves his cock up his boy’s ass just as much if not more and after a little warming up Buzz is ready to make that happen. Daddy gives his boy a good plowing until he drains his load all over Buzz’s furry stomach. Now that daddy is satisfied its boys turn. A little help from Daddy and he shoots his own nice load. They agreed, A great way to end a day at the beach

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John Lock Solo Set

John lock solo set on Bareback That Hole

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Bearsilien and Zack Acland

Zack Acland was in the mood to be treated like a complete and utter cockwhore. Naturally, there was only one man suited for the job and that was bearded scruffy Master, Bearsilien, who put the hairy beefy Zack through his paces. As the submissive in this scene, Zack does everything Bearsilien asks of him, begging for cock, to be used, to be treated like the bareback slut that he is. And it doesn’t get any hotter than fucking bareback in a make-shift sling with spit for lube and Bearsilien turning Zack into his personal whore for the evening. The bald, bearded fucker spits all over Zack, treating him like garbage and the harder and rougher he gets, the more Zack enjoys it. Bearsilien shoots his seed, feeding some of it to Zack, which only pushes the big beefy redhead over the edge. Zack comes and Bearsilien eats all his cum then shares it with Zack in a sloppy, sticky kiss. 99$ Annual Membership Promo ends in less than 24 hours.

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Alex Hawk and Sebastian Saxx

At a local playroom, Sebastian Sax and Alex Hawk make eye contact. Next thing you know they’re making out and taking turns sucking cock. Bearded Sebastian, who normally has bottomed for us, flips and goes top to ride Alex’s sweet hole. As it turns out, Sebastian is a VERY good top! Maybe it’s because of all that dick he’s sucked or maybe it’s because he’s taken so much raw cock. Whatever the reason, we’re glad the tattooed, scruffy blond has unleashed his inner top because he takes otter Alex, decked out in a sexy leather harness, for the bareback fuck of his life, pounding the cum out of him before exploding with an enormous load of his own, all over Alex’s cock, balls, and furry belly!

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There’s something thrilling and exciting about doing something you know you’re not supposed to do. Like cheating on your wife. Or your husband. It’s not that you don’t love them. It’s more about wanting something different from time to time. Deep down you know that if anyone ever found out you suck cock, or take it up the ass, you could lose everything…your spouse, your home, your kids. And yet, the thrill of getting caught is exactly what makes cheating such a titillating experience. Will Stone is your typical daddy, on his way home from work and so in the mood for dick he’s willing to pick up a perfect stranger and drive him back to his place for a bit of naughty fun. Lucky for that tattooed, salt-n-peppa daddy, Chip Young is more than willing to give him what he wants…a thick, juicy cock and a bareback fuck daddy will remember for months to cum.

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JW Bare and Rod Drainer – Dec 2, 2011

We’re resurrecting a classic for you guys this week — enjoy the higher resolution and bigger video size on one of our all time favorites featuring nasty pigs Rod Drainer and JW Bare. Rod leads JW to the deck where he begins to deep throat his tasty cock, sucking his hard prick balls deep within his hungry mouth. Flipping each other on the floor isn’t a problem where both explore each other’s hole with wet lips and dripping tongues. Tight raw ends have a musky taste and both men’s goatees are soon flavored with the scent of horny man ass. Like a respectable champ, Rod gets JW to the sling where he begins to slide his fat raw cock in him bareback. Rod’s balls bounce on JW’s ass he takes advantage if every inch there is to offer. Rod uses the sling poles to pound in his furry hole even deeper and decides to flip JW over to see how he feels doggie style.

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Greg Jamison and Kodi Ramms – BearFilms Classics

Originally distributed Feb 24, 2012

Kodi loves relaxing during a bear run but Greg would rather fuck. And that is just what they do. Kissing and sucking leads to heavy ass eating before Kodi drives his cock into Gregs now opened up hole. Greg enjoys every inch of Kodi filling him up and takes whatever his throws at him. Kodi flips over and cums while sucking on Greg’s huge balls before Greg pumps a load out of his own cock. But Kodi isn’t done giving Greg another load on his chest.

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