Parker Logan and Drake Michaels – Take It Drake!

Tall, hung, and hairy. Well, damn. Is there anything better? Feast your eyes and gorge on scruffy, furry Parker Logan, working that big cock inside Drake Michael’s ass.

Parker Logan and Drake Michaels meet up for some raw fun on a lazy, Sunday afternoon. They immediately get down to business, with bearded, hairy and hung Parker sucking Drake’s cock. Parker then proceeds to stretch Drake open, fucking his hole with two fingers, using only spit for lube. But Drake wants more. He needs cock. Parker doesn’t disappoint! He slides that big, long, fat tool inside Drake and goes to town, barebacks fucking the little whore balls deep. After pounding and slamming Drake, Parker eventually spews some of his jizz all over Drake’s ass before burying his throbbing cock back inside the bottom, seeding Drake and loading him up. Pushed over the edge, and with Parker’s cum inside him, Drake lets loose with a huge — and we mean H-U-G-E! — a fountain of the pearly white stuff, enough to drown the most talented of load swallowers.

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