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Gary came out to California for college and a change of scenery from the east coast. He’s 27 y/o and one furry, beefy dude. He played football and wrestled through school and recently got into powerlifting. Like most of the str8 guys, he wanted to dive into doing shoots with girls right out of the gate, but with some convincing he dropped his clothes to rub one out by himself first to get his feet wet. Gary definitely seemed to get into things once he knew his dick was going to cooperate in front of the camera, and in front of a guy for the first time (one of the things he was nervous about). He stopped stroking a couple times to strike a pose and show off how much his cock was throbbing. Usually, when Gary jerks off at home he does it in the shower, so he wanted to stand up for his grand finale. Luckily, he saved up for a couple days. As he brought himself up the edge, Gary looked like he was going to buckle over from the intensity just as he let loose gobs of cum that spattered the couch. spunkworthy men

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